Sustainability | The Pointe at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona



The Pointe at South Mountain believes in improving our environment, whether with partnerships or implementing environmentally friendly measures to our property. Based on a 2015 U.S. Energy Information Administration study, between 32% and 44% of total energy use in apartments went solely to temperature control. Water heating was the next largest category, at 27% to 32% of total energy use. Reducing heating needs alone has a big impact on apartment energy use. At its core, we strive to help reduce our resident’s household and lifestyle impact on the environment. We do this by including sustainable features in your apartment through technological devices, appliances, lighting systems, and fixtures.


At The Pointe at South Mountain, our employee discount program isn't just about the perks; it's about promoting a sustainable and eco-conscious community:

  • 50% Off Rent - A Win for Everyone: Our employees enjoy a 50% discount on their rent when they live onsite. But it's more than that. This program significantly reduces commute times, cuts down on gas expenses, and lessens the impact on our local environment.
  • Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: With fewer cars on the road, we're doing our part to reduce emissions and minimize the wear and tear on vehicles. This isn't just a benefit for our team; it's a positive step for our locality and the planet.
  • Efficient After-Hour Services: Living onsite means our employees can often respond faster to after-hour needs, saving time and energy for all residents.

    Join us in making The Pointe at South Mountain a beacon of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our employee discount program is not just about team member discounts; it's about embracing a greener, more efficient way of living.


We're proud to take part in the great movement for more eco-conscious cities by bringing honey bees to our property. Our thousands of new residents will pollinate the surrounding urban flora during the spring and summer. We'll harvest the extra honey they produce, which we'll be able to share with our community!


Our aim is to make people fall in love with all bees and most importantly take action to protect them. The Pointe at South Mountain’s goals are to:

  • Bond over the unique bee experience and raise environmental awareness by engaging resident building activities.
  • Support pollinator populations and our sustainability within the environment.
  • Reconnect our community with nature and sustainability.


It really shouldn't be a worry - bees are not interested in humans. They set out on a daily quest to bring back resources to the colony to ensure its development. Did you know honeybees die when they sting? They lose their stinger and part of their abdomen, so they have no interest in stinging unless they feel their colony is threatened.

Get Involved

Want to learn more or just stay in touch with the beehive project? Here's how:

  • Follow our unique MyHive page and to see what Queen Barbee and the hive are up to! You can enter your email on the page to "follow the buzz" and get notifications when the beekeeper posts an update.
  • This page also has upcoming events in the sidebar, you can plan on meeting the beekeeper at the next inspection to ask questions or even meet the bees!
  • We will have two educational workshops each year, hosted by our beekeeper, that will allow participants to learn more about the bees. These events allow us to get hands-on with the honey extraction process, or making beeswax candles, or even handling the bees themselves. Keep an eye out for these event announcements!


Alvéole is a social company cultivating greener cities and more connected communities in more than 40 cities worldwide. The certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member brings nature-based solutions such as honey bee hives, pollinator habitats, and bee-friendly gardens to city buildings and monitors their impact with technology, to help clients meet their ESG goals and be agents of positive environmental and social change.